Tuesday, November 27, 2012

There are six parts to viewing this documentary on The Treaty.It focuses on the three days before the signing, on 6th December 1921, and a quick overview of what happened after.This covers stage 3 enquiry; What were the circumstances that led to the signing of the Treaty?
The Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921 Part One (10 minutes)
 Answer the following questions:

1)Name the Plenipotentiaries.

2)What and when did the Truce end?

3)Name the British Prime Minister at this time.

4)What reasons did Dev give for not going?

5)Who or what did the Plenipotentiaries represent?

6)What could they hope for?

7)What was the big problem in the way of full unity?

8)What was Lloyd George's stance on Northern Ireland?

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