Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Congo - An Irish Affair

Check out this extract from the recently screened documentary - The Congo - An Irish Affair


  1. Not the first time the Irish have been involved in the Congo... Roger Casement was out there too 60 years before that. Incidentally, Casement's hat and sword were handed back to Ireland by Scotland Yard last week! Strangely, I also see that Xander Clayton and Olan McGarry lifted the anchors off of the wreck of Casement's gunrunner Aud at exactly the same time. A film is being made about Roger Casement landing on Banna Strand with the AUD in tow. So there must be a big Casement comeback on right now. Casement did a lot for the Congo and we should be proud of all Irishmen that set such an example in risking their lives for more unfortunate peoples. The spirit of Casement was in our boys in the Congo and goes on even today.

  2. The book Aud by Xander Clayton is now for sale on